Top 10 Used Cars

You might be surprised to learn the vehicles that make up the top ten used cars list. The results do not necessarily reflect the same tastes that drivers have for new cars. That is because shoppers for used cars are not the same as shoppers for new cars. Anyway, here is the list of the top 10 used cars and you can see for yourself.

1. Honda Civic
2. Nissan Altima
3. Honda Accord sedan
4. Toyota Camry
5. Ford Explorer
6. Nissan Maxima
7. Ford Mustang
8. Toyota Corolla
9. BMW3-Series
10. Jeep Grand Cherokee

This top 10 used cars list is not an exhaustive search of the most reliable used cars, the best values or even the top ten used cars sales in number. These top 10 used cars were calculated by the number of searches done on a particular vehicle. So instead of providing a subjective opinion-based list we are supplying an objective top ten used cars list that is results-driven by used car buyers just like you. Shoppers are most probably looking for one of these top ten used cars because they have done their research on used cars. Since people search for used cars for different reasons, this conglomeration of information works as a filter and makes the most relevant vehicles break the top ten used cars list.

So what can you deduce when examining this top 10 used cars list? One aspect you notice immediately is that foreign automakers have taken a stranglehold on an industry that used to be dominated by American car companies. American automakers simply have lost the battle of reliability in the minds of consumers. To dominate a top 10 used car list foreign car makers have produced and marketed their cars as ones that last and that you can count on. This is reflected in the top ten used cars list because one of the most important factors when searching for a used car, specifically, is that it is one that you can rely on. Another obvious fact is that smaller vehicles are preferred when searching for a used car. Numbers 1 through 4 are not SUVs or trucks, and that fact is important to note because it shows that the size of used vehicles is essential criteria when doing a car search. High gas prices plus added environmental awareness of the affects of low fuel economy are weighing on car buyers minds, even when it comes to used vehicles, so they lean towards a smaller car to provide them with what they need.

Our top ten used cars list can be used as a guide to used car consumers to investigate what used cars might be worth delving deeper into when doing their car search. You can also use the list in order determine trends in the industry and see why people are searching for these specific used cars. But any way you choose to look at it this top ten used cars list is a great starting point in your used car search.

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