Top 10 Lemon Cars

Talking about the top 10 lemon cars is not an easy subject to cover because consumers usually do not even consider the possibility that the car they purchase could be classified as a lemon. Because is dedicated to protecting you and providing you with the best data available we decided to give you the list of the top 10 lemon cars. This information, along with a free lemon car report, are important pieces of the puzzle that you can use so you can make the best car buying decision possible.

Top 10 Lemon Cars List
1. Mazda MPV
2. Kia Sportage
3. Ford Excursion
4. Ford Windstar
5. Mercury Cougar
6. Honda Passport
7. Honda S2000
8. Mitsubishi Eclipse
9. Isuzu Rodeo
10. Ford Explorer

We configure our list of the top 10 lemon cars by the number of complaints filed with the National Highway for Traffic Safety Administration, and then tabulate the number vehicles sold in that specific make and model. The vehicles with the poorest ratios make our dubious top 10 lemon cars list. Use this list to whittle away at what makes and models are possible purchases for you. Then when you have a specific vehicle in mind you can get a free lemon car report so you can confirm any doubts.

As you can see by the top 10 lemon cars list some makes and models are not much of a surprise while others are. For example, Isuzu has never been a car manufacturer that has been perceived as excellent, so it is little surprise to see their Rodeo on this list. On the other hand, the Honda Passport and S2000 are both in the middle of the top 10 lemon cars listed. Granted, the popular Honda Civic is not on the list, but many consumers would be taken aback by the fact that a car manufacturer like Honda has two vehicles on this list.

Even though we provide you with the list of top 10 lemon cars as a guide to determining what car to buy, once you have decided on a specific car to buy you can also get a free lemon car report by visiting Vehicle History Report. A free lemon car report will not only provide you with whether or not your car has been listed as a lemon, it will also give you the vehicle history so you know more essentials when making a car buying decision.

This top 10 lemon cars list is an excellent place to start your car buying process. You can immediately eliminate specific cars from your list and then use other tools such as a free lemon car report to know if the vehicle is worth purchasing. But remember the top ten lemon cars list is only only step of the research you need to complete before you buy your next car.

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