Honda History

One of the world's largest and most popular car makers is Honda Motor Company, Ltd. This company was established in September 24, 1948 by its founder Soichiro Honda. Before establishing the company, Soichiro worked as a mechanic in Art Shokai which is a Japanese tuning shop. It is on this work where Soichiro mastered the car's internal operation. Using his skills, Soichiro Honda started working on a piston design that he has planned to sell to Toyota. However, his earliest designs were rejected by Toyota and this situation inspired Soichiro Honda to further improve his design.

After a few years, Soichiro won a contract from Toyota. Due to this, he established a factory that will handle the production of pistons for Toyota but this was eventually destroyed by an earthquake. Soichiro's business venture in the automotive industry was further worsened by the gasoline shortage that was brought about by Second World War. This condition prevented Soichiro Honda from selling the cars that he has was able to develop.

But despite of the initial failures that he has received, Soichiro focused his attention in trying to attach an engine to a bicycle. This idea eventually served as the basis for the production of Honda motorcycles. Honda's success in perfecting his motorcycle design allowed him to obtain the capital that he needs to start producing the first batch of motorcycles. After this, Honda formally established the Honda Motor Company. Upon its earliest operation, the demand for the products produced by Honda Motor Corporation started to increase and this trend continued until 1964 when the company became world's largest producer of motorcycles.

Inspired by its earliest success, Honda decided to extend its operation by producing its own version of automobiles. It was in 1963 when Honda was able to produce the company's first automobile and this was the T360 which is a mini pickup truck propelled by a 356 cc straight-4 engine. After two months, Honda produced its first car model and this was dubbed as the S500 sports car. The company's first car model was actually a rear-wheel drive vehicle that makes use of a chain just like the motorcycle.

Due to the increasing demands for its vehicles, Honda's operation expanded globally. Its first store in the US was established in 1959 at Los Angeles, California. Aside from its US operations, Honda opened more stores in different parts of the globe and these efforts eventually led to the company's global success. In fact, Honda was recognized as one of the largest car makers in the market right now.
As of the present, Honda continues to create a lead in the automotive industry by producing the most dependable car models such as the Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, and the Honda Civic. In addition to this, Honda is also focusing its attention in exploring the possibilities of using other forms of fuel to power the company's vehicles such as the naturally compressed gases.