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  • The 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid obtained its Official Ratings

    The Environmental Protection Agency or commonly referred to as EPA has finally revealed the official fuel economy ratings of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybr...Read more

  • 2013 North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year Semifinalists

    The winners of the North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year award are set to be announced at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Since the schedule of...Read more

  • The Turbocharged 2013 Cadillac ATS Obtains the 31 MPG Mark on the Highway

    General Motors has recently revealed the official fuel economy ratings of the turbocharged version of the 2013 Cadillac ATS. Based on the confirmatio...Read more

  • Lincoln Car Reviews and Pricing

    Lincoln Car Invoice Pricing, Financing and Dealerships

    Lincoln, a member of the Ford family since 1922, has been making automobiles since 1921. The Lincoln line of vehicles can be best described as luxurious. Since it is in the Ford family it shares many aspects with Ford models.

    New Lincoln Invoice Pricing

    2020 Lincoln Aviator2020 Lincoln Aviator
    MSRP:$56,190 - 77,695
    2020 Lincoln Continental2020 Lincoln Continental
    MSRP:$46,305 - 75,470
    2020 Lincoln Corsair2020 Lincoln Corsair
    MSRP:$35,945 - 44,830
    2020 Lincoln MKZ2020 Lincoln MKZ
    MSRP:$36,750 - 44,500
    2020 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid2020 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
    2020 Lincoln Nautilus2020 Lincoln Nautilus
    MSRP:$41,040 - 63,800
    2020 Lincoln Navigator2020 Lincoln Navigator
    MSRP:$75,825 - 96,770
    2020 Lincoln Navigator L2020 Lincoln Navigator L
    MSRP:$84,565 - 99,970
    2019 Lincoln Continental2019 Lincoln Continental
    MSRP:$46,145 - 72,045
    2019 Lincoln MKC2019 Lincoln MKC
    MSRP:$33,995 - 49,610
    2019 Lincoln MKT2019 Lincoln MKT
    2019 Lincoln MKZ2019 Lincoln MKZ
    MSRP:$35,995 - 46,995
    2019 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid2019 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
    MSRP:$35,995 - 44,995
    2019 Lincoln Nautilus2019 Lincoln Nautilus
    MSRP:$40,340 - 59,390
    2019 Lincoln Navigator2019 Lincoln Navigator
    MSRP:$73,205 - 96,395
    2019 Lincoln Navigator L2019 Lincoln Navigator L
    MSRP:$80,755 - 99,595

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