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  • Honda Bumps the Price of the 2014 CR-V

    After a series of price increases implemented by other car makers in the US automobile industry, Honda has also joined the trend by increasing the pri...Read more

  • Honda Reveals the Details of its New Vehicle Pedestrian Safety Technology

    Honda has recently held a meeting in the city of Detroit and this was conducted to allow the Japanese carmaker to present some of its vehicles' upco...Read more

  • 50 MPG in City Driving Obtained by the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

    American Honda has recently confirmed that the series of tests conducted by the company have found out that the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid has obtained ...Read more

  • Honda Car Reviews and Pricing

    Honda Car Invoice Pricing, Financing and Dealerships

    Honda, the Japanese automaker, has been selling cars in the USA for thirty years now. Known for their fuel-efficiency and dependability, Honda has built a large consumer base in the US over those 30 years. Honda also has a luxury division of automobiles, Acura, and some vehicles do shares certain aspects.

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    New Honda Invoice Pricing

    2020 Honda Accord2020 Honda Accord
    MSRP:$23,870 - 36,100
    2020 Honda Accord Hybrid2020 Honda Accord Hybrid
    MSRP:$25,470 - 35,140
    2020 Honda Civic2020 Honda Civic
    MSRP:$19,750 - 28,850
    2020 Honda Civic Si2020 Honda Civic Si
    MSRP:$2,500 - 25,200
    2020 Honda CR-V2020 Honda CR-V
    MSRP:$25,050 - 34,750
    2020 Honda HR-V2020 Honda HR-V
    MSRP:$20,820 - 28,890
    2020 Honda Insight2020 Honda Insight
    MSRP:$22,930 - 28,340
    2020 Honda Odyssey2020 Honda Odyssey
    MSRP:$30,690 - 47,320
    2020 Honda Passport2020 Honda Passport
    MSRP:$31,990 - 43,780
    2020 Honda Pilot2020 Honda Pilot
    MSRP:$31,550 - 49,620
    2019 Honda Accord2019 Honda Accord
    MSRP:$23,720 - 35,950
    2019 Honda Accord Hybrid2019 Honda Accord Hybrid
    MSRP:$25,320 - 34,990
    2019 Honda Civic2019 Honda Civic
    MSRP:$19,450 - 28,750
    2019 Honda Civic Si2019 Honda Civic Si
    2019 Honda Civic Type R2019 Honda Civic Type R
    2019 Honda Clarity Electric2019 Honda Clarity Electric
    2019 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell2019 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
    2019 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid2019 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid
    MSRP:$33,400 - 36,600
    2019 Honda CR-V2019 Honda CR-V
    MSRP:$24,350 - 34,150
    2019 Honda Fit2019 Honda Fit
    MSRP:$16,190 - 20,520
    2019 Honda HR-V2019 Honda HR-V
    MSRP:$20,520 - 28,540
    2019 Honda Insight2019 Honda Insight
    MSRP:$22,830 - 28,090
    2019 Honda Odyssey2019 Honda Odyssey
    MSRP:$30,090 - 46,970
    2019 Honda Passport2019 Honda Passport
    MSRP:$31,990 - 43,680
    2019 Honda Pilot2019 Honda Pilot
    MSRP:$31,450 - 48,020
    2019 Honda Ridgeline2019 Honda Ridgeline
    MSRP:$29,990 - 43,420

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