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  • Pricing of the 2014 Dodge Durango Announced

    Chrysler has recently announced the latest pricing information of the 2014 Dodge Durango and hinted that the prices of the high-end models have increa...Read more

  • 2015 Dodge Challenger to Obtain a Supercharged Hemi V8

    A lot of rumors have recently been circulating and each of these speculates that the redesigned 2015 Dodge Challenger will most likely obtain a Superc...Read more

  • Chrysler to Recall 14,800 Dodge Darts

    Chrysler has finally announced that the company is planning to recall a number of 2013 Dodge Darts that were already sold over the globe due to stalli...Read more

  • Dodge Car Reviews and Pricing

    Dodge Car Invoice Pricing, Financing and Dealerships

    Dodge, a division of Chrysler since 1930, has been building automobiles since 1914. In the 1980s Dodge pioneered in the minivan with its Caravan; this vehicle is still America's best-selling minivan. Because Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler are all intertwined they all share certain engines and other automobile parts.

    New Dodge Invoice Pricing

    2017 Dodge Challenger2017 Dodge Challenger
    MSRP:$26,995 - 62,495
    2017 Dodge Charger2017 Dodge Charger
    MSRP:$27,995 - 65,945
    2017 Dodge Durango2017 Dodge Durango
    MSRP:$29,995 - 44,695
    2017 Dodge Grand Caravan2017 Dodge Grand Caravan
    MSRP:$23,995 - 32,395
    2017 Dodge Journey2017 Dodge Journey
    MSRP:$20,995 - 33,695
    2017 Dodge Viper2017 Dodge Viper
    MSRP:$87,895 - 118,795
    2016 Dodge Challenger2016 Dodge Challenger
    MSRP:$26,995 - 37,995
    2016 Dodge Charger2016 Dodge Charger
    MSRP:$27,995 - 65,945
    2016 Dodge Dart2016 Dodge Dart
    MSRP:$16,695 - 23,795
    2016 Dodge Durango2016 Dodge Durango
    MSRP:$30,495 - 44,495
    2016 Dodge Grand Caravan2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
    MSRP:$21,795 - 30,995
    2016 Dodge Journey2016 Dodge Journey
    MSRP:$20,895 - 33,295
    2016 Dodge Viper2016 Dodge Viper
    2015 Dodge Challenger2015 Dodge Challenger
    MSRP:$26,995 - 57,895
    2015 Dodge Charger2015 Dodge Charger
    MSRP:$27,995 - 62,295
    2015 Dodge Dart2015 Dodge Dart
    MSRP:$16,495 - 22,995
    2015 Dodge Durango2015 Dodge Durango
    MSRP:$30,395 - 43,495
    2015 Dodge Grand Caravan2015 Dodge Grand Caravan
    MSRP:$21,195 - 29,995
    2015 Dodge Journey2015 Dodge Journey
    MSRP:$20,195 - 31,295
    2015 Dodge Viper2015 Dodge Viper
    MSRP:$84,995 - 107,995

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