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  • Audi to Unveil Lighter and More Powerful A8

    Audi confirmed that the company will be unveiling a lighter and more powerful version of the A8 at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show. Based on the...Read more

  • Audi’s Sport Quattro Concept Unveiled

    Audi has recently unveiled the Sport Quattro Concept which is set to make its official debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. Based on the inform...Read more

  • 2015 Audi A3 Sedan to Feature 4G LTE Broadband

    Audi of America recently confirmed that the 2015 A3 sedan which is scheduled to hit the market this coming spring will be equipped with the 4G LTE Bro...Read more

  • Audi Car Reviews and Pricing

    Audi Car Invoice Pricing, Financing and Dealerships

    Audi, one of the oldest German automobile manufacturers, is a division of Volkswagen and has been around for over 100 years. Audi created the "quattro" all-wheel driving system over 20 years ago and that fact along with its sleek design and excellent performance have made its vehicles so popular.

    New Audi Invoice Pricing

    2020 Audi A32020 Audi A3
    MSRP:$33,300 - 36,500
    2020 Audi A62020 Audi A6
    MSRP:$54,900 - 59,800
    2020 Audi A72020 Audi A7
    2020 Audi Q32020 Audi Q3
    MSRP:$34,700 - 36,000
    2020 Audi Q52020 Audi Q5
    2020 Audi Q5 e2020 Audi Q5 e
    2020 Audi Q82020 Audi Q8
    2020 Audi R82020 Audi R8
    MSRP:$169,900 - 208,100
    2020 Audi S32020 Audi S3
    2020 Audi S62020 Audi S6
    2020 Audi S72020 Audi S7
    2020 Audi SQ52020 Audi SQ5
    2020 Audi TT2020 Audi TT
    MSRP:$45,500 - 49,000
    2020 Audi TT RS2020 Audi TT RS
    2020 Audi TTS2020 Audi TTS
    2019 Audi A32019 Audi A3
    MSRP:$32,500 - 41,700
    2019 Audi A42019 Audi A4
    MSRP:$37,400 - 42,000
    2019 Audi A4 allroad2019 Audi A4 allroad
    2019 Audi A52019 Audi A5
    MSRP:$44,200 - 51,200
    2019 Audi A62019 Audi A6
    2019 Audi A72019 Audi A7
    2019 Audi A82019 Audi A8
    MSRP:$83,800 - 83,800
    2019 Audi e-tron2019 Audi e-tron
    MSRP:$27,809 - 52,020
    2019 Audi Q32019 Audi Q3
    MSRP:$34,700 - 36,000
    2019 Audi Q52019 Audi Q5
    2019 Audi Q72019 Audi Q7
    MSRP:$53,550 - 59,950
    2019 Audi Q82019 Audi Q8
    2019 Audi RS 32019 Audi RS 3
    2019 Audi RS 52019 Audi RS 5
    MSRP:$74,200 - 74,200
    2019 Audi S32019 Audi S3
    2019 Audi S42019 Audi S4
    2019 Audi S52019 Audi S5
    MSRP:$52,400 - 65,100
    2019 Audi SQ52019 Audi SQ5
    2019 Audi TT2019 Audi TT
    MSRP:$44,900 - 48,400
    2019 Audi TT RS2019 Audi TT RS
    2019 Audi TTS2019 Audi TTS

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