Why Men Like Trucks and Chicks Dig VW’s

TrueCar.com has released a study looking into the fascination men and women have with the automobiles they like to drive.

Sure, saying guys like trucks and chicks dig convertibles is easy enough, for the most part. But why we like what we like really gets to the root causes of interest, or the lack thereof when it comes to what we want to drive.

 Ford F-150

Many Men Need the Power of a Truck

According to TrueCar.com, men are still gaga over full size pick-up trucks. The Ford F-150 is still number one, followed closely by Chevy Silverado, Dodge Rams and even Toyota Tundras. Of course, this should come as a surprise to no one. Men are most likely to be employed in a profession which requires the use of a heavy lifting vehicle. They are more likely to be towing or hauling items such as camping gear, hunting equipment, boats and trailers, so it stands to reason they might be more interested in vehicles which make those jobs easier.

Men Like to Show Off Their Success

TrueCar.com says men also like Corvettes (who is surprised by this?) And 3-Series BMWs and Audi Sedans. These are vehicles which come with a stigma of success attached. If you are driving one you are advertising your success to the rest of the world. Men, much like peacocks, like to display their plumage. A car which does this for them when all their hair has fallen out is worth the price they paid for it.

Women Go More For Design

Also according to the TrueCar.com survey, women prefer the design of their automobile over just about anything else. It is more about how she looks in it than what it does or doesn’t do on the inside or under the hood. That means vehicles like the MINI and the Volkswagon Beetle are popular with women.

As proof of this, Volkswagon reported that more than half the 2010 Beetles they sold in 2010 were sold to women drivers.

Women also seem to like the SUV. The Jeep Compass and the Hyundai Tuscon proved popular in the TrueCar.com poll.

Another surprising fact when it came to women drivers and their car buying habits–they prefer Saturn before all other models. You remember Saturn, right? That was the imprint that General Motors decided to discontinue in 2009 at the height of the Great Recession. Saturn started in the 1990’s with a bold new concept: no haggle pricing and sales, and quality built cars that looked sporty. Even as GM was closing the doors on Saturn dealerships around the country, women continued to buy them.

Women are Attracted by Fuel Efficiency

The TrueCar.com survey also showed women were more likely to buy vehicles which had high fuel efficiency, even when they were in the market for an SUV or Mini Van. They were much more cost conscious, as a vehicle buyer than men, as well. They looked for vehicles which had good track records of safety and performance, and better records as far as maintenance.

Men, for the most part, were much more likely to buy bulky vehicles with poor mileage and poor maintenance records. Men seemed more likely to buy based on status symbols, regardless of the performance of the vehicle.

Are Women Better Shoppers

Some might say this means men are stupid when it comes to buying new cars, and they are right. Men are stupid when it comes to buying new cars.

Because women are most often the new car buyers in the family, automakers are seeing some returns on their investment in model lines which are smaller, more fuel efficient and more reliable. Which bodes well for the environment and the market.

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