Vehicle Safety Technologies That Older Drivers Need

A recent study that was conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab together with the Hartford Insurance Group has identified some of the most important safety technologies that could help older drivers cope with the challenges that they might encounter while driving.

The study has also found out that the installation of these technologies has somehow become a norm among car makers since most of them are well aware that many of the vehicle’s that they are producing will most likely be driven by members of the older population.

Based on the results of the study conducted by MIT and Hartford Insurance group, the most common vehicle safety technologies that older drivers need and are now installed in almost every car model sold in the market are the following.

1.     Advanced headlights system

The advanced headlights system is one of the most common vehicle safety technologies that many car makers are installing on their vehicles so as to help older drivers. The advanced headlights system is very helpful to older drivers since this improves their visibility of the road when driving at night by automatically adjusting the intensity and the range of the lights based on the vehicle’s distance to traffic. Thus, an older driver could clearly see the existing road condition and avoid possible collisions.

2.     Vehicle stability control

The vehicle stability control is also considered as a common and useful vehicle safety technology which is offered as standard in most car models that are currently sold in the market. The vehicle stability control allows the vehicle’s driver to gain full control of the vehicle in challenging road conditions such as driving in slippery roads where the possibility of losing traction is high.

3.     Reverse monitoring technologies

Older drivers might probably find reverse driving difficult most especially when they could hardly see the area on the rear. Luckily, most of the car models in the market right now are equipped with the reverse monitoring technology that could warn the drivers of the presence any object or obstruction on the vehicle’s rear that are not easily seen when backing or parking.

4.     Lane departure warning system

The lane departure warning system is also considered as an important vehicle safety technology that older drivers need since this helps in monitoring the vehicle’s position on the road. The system alerts the driver when the vehicle veers out of its lane by producing an audible sound or any other mechanism that would catch the driver’s attention and steer the vehicle to the proper position.



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