Car Care 2013 Tip 27: How to Go Green and Clean When Driving

There are actually a lot of things that you can do to help the keep the environment clean and earn savings from reduced fuel consumption. You only need to improve your driving habits and as much as possible avoid over speeding or reckless driving. By doing this you could also help save your life and those of others. You can do all of these by doing the things below.

go green and clean when driving

1. Be aware of your driving habits

Being aware of the way you drive your car is an important way to reduce your daily fuel consumption as well as your safety. As much as possible avoid being an aggressive driver. By driving recklessly, you don’t only endanger the lives of other motorist but you also increase the car’s fuel consumption. This is because the engine works harder and burns a lot of fuel when the car is driven at high speed. Not only these, reckless driving allows the car to consume more fuel due to sudden change of lanes, braking and accelerating continuously. Safety driving on the other hand reduces the car’s fuel consumption due to controlled acceleration and lesser frequency of braking.

2. Use public transport at least once a week

Another way of reducing your annual fuel consumption and reducing harmful gas emission is by using public transportation at least once a week. Taking a bus for example reduces the emissions and traffic generated by 40 cars for this saves as much as 70,000 liters of gas. In addition to this, using the public transportation occasionally reduces the risk associated to greater volume of cars on the road.

3. Plan your route prior to actual travel

Planning your route ahead can also help you earn greater savings and contribute to the preservation of the environment. Figuring out a direct route when traveling allows you to save time and money since distance involved in your trip is reduced due to the reduction of stop-overs and winding routes. Try to choose a route with lesser traffic and as much as possible select a long and straight course.

3. Avoid idling before driving

Placing your car in idle mode before driving is a bad idea. This is because doing so makes the vehicle burn up to four percent of your annual fuel consumption and produces harmful emissions most especially under cold temperatures. You don’t need to place the car in idle mode to heat its engine to reach ideal temperature since it is faster reach this temperature if you turn the car’s engine on and drive it.

4. Observe proper car maintenance

Proper car maintenance is also a key for saving fuel and reducing harmful gas emissions.  Check your car regularly to maintain its good running condition. Make sure to change its oil as recommended for failure to do so could lead to poor engine performance, increased gas emission, and excessive fuel consumption. A well-maintained vehicle consumes gas efficiently and keeps you safe while driving.


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