The Most Significant New Car Models for 2013

Almost all car makers in the US are currently unveiling some of their new vehicle models that bear the 2013 model year and the good news is that there are still more to come.

By giving even a quick look at the vehicles that were recently unveiled or introduced into the US automobile market, almost every car buyer would easily notice that most of these new car models are either the facelifted or redesigned version of their predecessors. This simply means that only a few of these vehicles are considered as all-new models.

Given these trends, it is quite important for buyers to determine the vehicles that would most likely be considered as significant models in 2013, particularly in terms of innovation and marketability. Among the popular car models that might probably emerge as significant models in the incoming year are the following.

1.     Ford Escape

The latest version of the Ford Escape is considered as one of the most significant models for 2013 since the vehicle has gone through a lot of transformation. First-off, the vehicle’s exterior design has changed from a boxy and tall SUV to a radically-designed and rakish one. Secondly, the latest version of the Escape has also earned a lot of new standard features that were previously offered as optional items. Finally, the Escape lineup has also earned two turbocharged engines and both of these made the vehicle a good option for buyers who are after for powerful SUVs.

2.     Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has long been regarded as one of the best coupe and sedan models in the market. This is because a lot of car buyers loved the Accord which is powered by the base 4-cylinder engine due to its capability to provide the needed performance without the need to consume more fuel.

Aside from that, many car experts were also convinced that Honda’s decision to use the stronger and smoother V-6 engine on some of the Accord models instead of going for turbocharged since the model has obtained the 34 miles per gallon on the highway rating which is quite rare among V-6 powered models.

3.     Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion was previously recognized as the best-selling passenger car in the US. Unfortunately, this title was eventually claimed by the Toyota Camry. However, the competition still goes on and the 2013 Ford Fusion is set to retrieve this title this year.

In order to achieve this goal, Ford has made the 2013 Fusion more fuel-efficient compared to the Camry. Aside from that, the car maker has also equipped the latest version of the Fusion with a lot of high-tech features and these would most likely boost the vehicle’s individual sales output for this year.

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