Tesla Model S Gets the NHTSA 5-Star Safety Rating

Tesla has recently surprised car buyers and even experts when its Model S has successfully earned the 5-star safety rating after completing the series of tests administered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Based on a press release dated August 19, 2013, the Tesla Model S has not only obtained the 5-star overall safety rating but this was also able to achieve the same rating in every subcategory. On top of that, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that aside from getting the 5-star safety rating in every subcategory, the Tesla Model S also earned the 5.4-stars in the overall Vehicle Safety Score or VSS.

With such a high VSS score, it is quite correct to conclude that the Model S has actually exceeded the agency’s 5-star safety rating. Since the NHTSA does not publish a rating that which is higher than the 5-star mark, it is worth noting that the VSS score of the vehicle proves that it is more reliable than expected.

The same press release has also revealed that a number of factors have basically helped the Model S to obtain such high marks. First off, the vehicle is not equipped with a large gasoline engine block. The absence of this particular component under the hood of the Model S provided the vehicle with a longer crumple zone that could absorb the force of a high speed impact.

Aside from that, the Tesla Model S has also earned the rating of “good” on the side pole intrusion test. The Model S was able to achieve such mark since the vehicle’s engineers placed a good nesting of multiple aluminum extrusions on the car’s side rails that were responsible for absorbing the energy caused by the impact and distribute this to the entire vehicle.

Finally, the Tesla Model S has also shined in the rear crash testing. The outcome of the test revealed that the vehicle is capable of providing the needed protection for the passengers seated on the third row and prevent them from obtaining the permanently disabling injuries. Such resilience was made possible by Tesla’s installation of the double bumpers on the vehicle’s rear.

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