Popular Car Models That Buyers Should Avoid

The Consumer Reports has recently released a list of vehicle models that car buyers should try to avoid. The list enumerates the top five models that were not able to pass the magazine’s standards for vehicle reliability and comfort. This is intended to help car buyers select the best vehicles in the market by allowing them to identify the car models that they should not include in their list of options such as the following.

1.     2012 Honda Civic

The 2012 Honda Civic was included in the current list of car models that buyers should try avoid since this vehicle provide a choppy and not so smooth ride.  In addition to that, the vehicle is also criticized for its noisy cabin brought about by excessive cabin .Just like its driving performance the interior design of the 2012 Honda Civic is also disappointing. Its cabin is still dominated by the abundance cheap and hard plastics while most of its closest competitors are now using a lot of soft-touch materials and attractive cloth inserts.

2.     Toyota Prius C

The Toyota Prius C was also considered by Consumer Reports as one of the car models that buyers should avoid. This is because the magazine’s evaluation revealed that the Toyota Prius C provides a stiffer ride and its acceleration is not that impressive. The magazine’s personnel have also found out that this car’s interior looks cheaper compared to some of its rivals in the segment. Finally, the amount of noise which is heard inside the cabin when the vehicle is running is not that tolerable.

3.     Dodge Grand Caravan

The current list of vehicles that buyers should avoid also includes the Dodge Grand Caravan. This is because Consumer Reports has considered this vehicle as one the most problematic minivan that they have tested this year. When driven, the Dodge Grand Caravan tends to rattle and a lot of squeaks were heard while the    vehicle is in motion. In addition to that, the magazine’s personnel who were in charge of evaluating the Grand Caravan experienced a lot of troubles with the vehicle’s sliding door and power equipment.

4.     Ford Edge

Ford Edge has also made it on the list for this year. This is because Consumer Reports have noticed that the vehicle offers a disappointing ride quality that was further worsened by the amount of road noise that was heard inside the cabin. Aside from that, Consumer Reports finds the vehicle’s controls distracting and the MyFord Touch very complicated.

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