Oldest Car Nameplates in the Market

A lot of car experts and automotive journalists have witnessed the influx of large volumes of new car models in the US auto mobile market this year as well as in the previous. This is because almost all car makers have focused their attention in dominating the market by introducing more vehicle models. These car makers are also fond of exploring new technologies and place this on newly created models while others were into the practice of extending the number of standard features of the vehicles that they try to sell every year.

But despite of this trend, a number of older car nameplates are still found in the market. Although these older nameplates don’t look like their oldest predecessors, they still carry the names that were assigned to them prior to their earliest appearance on the automobile market. What was more surprising is the fact that most of these older car nameplates are still in demand as remain as leaders in the segments where they belong. The best examples of the oldest car models that are still present in most of the car dealerships in the US at present are the following.

1. Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet is considered as one of the longest-running car nameplates in the market right now. This sports car was first introduced into the US automobile market in 1953. Upon its introduction into the automobile market, the Corvette has earned a lot of respect from sports car buyers since the vehicle is capable of running at relatively higher speed and provides the performance that most of its closest rivals cannot. This was probably the most significant reason why General Motors has been producing the Chevrolet Corvette for almost six generations now. As of the present, the sports car is marketed as the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette and this is offered in convertible and coupe versions.

2. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is also viewed another older car nameplate which is still present in the automobile market these days. This vehicle is presently known as a four-wheel drive SUV that provides an impressive running performance when driven on and off-road. The Land Cruiser was first developed by Toyota in 1951 but its actual production started in 1954. During its earliest years in the market, the Land Cruiser was able to establish its image as a reliable vehicle and this has eventually helped the SUV to earn the international recognition in 1960. Since then, Toyota has devoted a lot of time and resources in upgrading the Land Cruiser and make sure that the vehicle obtains the needed improvements when necessary. As a result, the Land Cruiser remained in the market and this is currently sold as the 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser to be followed by the 2013 version that was revealed this year.

3. Ford Mustang

The list of the oldest car nameplates will not be complete without mentioning the Ford Mustang. Ford has introduced the Mustang in April 17, 1964 and the vehicle has become the major reason for the creation of the new vehicle class in the American automobile market known as the “pony car.”  The vehicles that are included on the “pony car” segment is characterized as a sports car that looks like a coupe with a short deck on the rear and a long hood. The Mustang has also inspired other car makers such as General Motors to produce their own version of pony cars which eventually led to the production of the Chevrolet Camaro.

Due to its excellent performance when driven as well as its attractive interior and exterior design, many car buyers were encouraged to buy the Mustang. This trend has continued even up to the present and this has given Ford with a very significant reason to continue the production of the Mustang. As of these days, the vehicle is still sold in the US automobile market and in other parts of the world. The vehicle is now offered as the 2012 Ford Mustang and available as a coupe and convertible versions. Aside from that, Ford has also started producing a number of special versions of the Mustang such as the Boss 302 and these models are now offered with the 2013 model year attached to each one of these.

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