Car Care 2013 Tip 1: Choose a Car that Needs Little Maintenance


SedonaOne of the most important things that automobile consumers should learn how to do when searching for vehicles that they could purchase is to select the car models that require little maintenance. This is considered important since being able to do so will surely help then earn a significant amount of savings due to reduced annual car maintenance expenses.

Although choosing a car that requires little maintenance is considered as a difficult task, this doesn’t mean that car buyers will not be able to do such. All that they should do is conduct an extensive research which is focused on low maintenance cars or the models that most car mechanics hate. Buyers could actually search for these using some of the reputable automotive websites and obtain the best results without the need to spend even a single cent.

To further help the automotive consumers in choosing low maintenance cars, this article enumerates some of the popular models that are known for their low maintenance cost and this includes the following.

1.     Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona is a popular minivan model which is produced and marketed by Kia Motors. This minivan is considered as the cheapest car model to maintain and such recognition implies that this requires little maintenance. The Sedona does not require a lot of maintenance since Kia built this with the components that are very resilient to wears and tears. IN addition to this, the vehicle’s history has proven that this does not stall even when taken for longer drives. Thus, the Kia Sedona is considered as one of the existing car models in the market which is cheaper to maintain.

2.     Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is also known as one of the top car models that most car mechanics hate. This is because Consumer Reports has found out that the Yaris is very reliable and Toyota has used a lot of heavy-duty parts in it. Aside from that, Consumer Report’s Annual Dependability Survey that was conducted last 2010 named the Toyota Yaris as the best-performing ride in its class for that year. Due to this recognition, many car experts were convinced that the Yaris is indeed a very reliable vehicle.

3.     Honda CR-V

Aside from the Sedona and the Yaris, the Honda CR-V is also viewed as one of the car models that require lesser maintenance. This is because the CR-V was also recognized by Consumer Reports as the most reliable small crossover SUV for the past few years. The CR-V earned such image since this is equipped with a K24 engine which is known for its capability to withstand fatigue-related issues brought about by continuous use of the vehicle. In addition to this, the CR-V’s components are of high quality and each of these is designed to withstand damages and tears caused by challenging driving conditions.

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