MINI’s Super Bowl Ad Focuses on the Vehicles Interior Space

MINI car models are quite popular for its smaller dimensions. This has been the trademark of this brand ever since its first production. All throughout its long history, MINI was still able to preserve its popular size despite the fact that it was transferred from one owner to another. The only difference is that the latest version of the MINIs is quite larger than the original. Due to this, the vehicle type where it belongs has also changed. The increase in size has transformed MINI vehicles from “city cars” into “compact cars”.

MINI’s Super Bowl Ad

Due to its size, most car buyers were hesitant in buying the MINI. As a result, BMW as the latest owner of this car brand has used the opportunity provided by Super Bowl to show the buying public that the MINI has sufficient interior space to offer. In its Big Game ad dubbed as “Crap It in the Boot,” the commercial used the MINI Countryman car to reveal the interior space of this particular model. The ad used the concept of a game show where the studio contestant was given a specified time to cram a lot of things inside the Countryman.

The contestant successfully crammed the things provided by the contest inside the MINI Countryman giving him the chance to win the contest’s prize. The images shown on the commercial were quite shocking since most car buyers and the Super Bowl audience were not aware of the MINI’s real interior space. Most buyers don’t have the slightest idea about this and they were quite fascinated with what they have seen. Due to this, the demand for MINIs might possibly increase. If this would be the case, BMW would probably enjoy greater profits for this year.

However, MINI can’t still deny the fact that their vehicles are still ideal for two individuals since the rear portion of this can only accommodate cargoes and will not be able to provide space for additional passengers. Due to this, the vehicle will most likely be suited for couples and buyers who wish to use the car for personal purposes.

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