March 2012’s Best-selling Car Models

March 2012 has been a good month for most car makers since a lot of their vehicle models have earned a significant increase in demand. This particular trend simply means that many car buyers were able to purchase the car models that they were planning to buy. This condition might have been the effect of the continuous increase of confidence among car buyers towards the existing car makers in the US. Aside from that, a lot of car experts have observed that more and more consumers are in great need of cars which eventually prompted them to buy new vehicles. Among the best selling car models for March 2012 are the following.

1.      Ford F-Series

The Ford F-Series obtained the top spot as the best-selling car model for March 2012. Records have revealed that the Ford dealerships all over the US were able to sell about 58,061 units of the F-Series before the month of March has ended. Due to this, most of the car experts believe that the company has earned a significant amount of revenue out of this. In addition to this, the increase in the volume of the F-Series that were sold has further convinced Ford that the number of buyers who are in need of light and heavy-duty pickup trucks continues to increase.

 2.      Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry emerged as the second best-selling car model in the US last March. In addition to this, the Camry was also considered as the top-selling passenger car in this same month since Toyota dealers successfully sold around 42,567 units of the Camry. Given this statistics, it is quite correct to assume that the Toyota Camry still remains as the most popular passenger car in the US.

Although the model’s sales figures has suffered a terrible blow when the strongest earthquake hit Japan last year, the company has done a lot of adjustments just to cope up with the demand for the Camry and be able to produce as many units as they can. Fortunately, the company’s efforts were somehow rewarded.

3.      Nissan Altima

Just like the Toyota Camry, the sales figures of the Nissan Altima have also soared high. In fact, Nissan considers the Altima’s sales output for the month of March as one of highest in the history of the model. Their records have also revealed that before the end of March, the company’s dealerships were able to deliver about 41,050 units of the Altima.

But despite of the impressive sales record of the current edition of the Altima, Nissan has introduced a redesigned version of the model at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. Due to this, the US car buyers were given the chance to purchase an improved version of the current Altima model. Although this event has caught a lot of buyers by surprise, Nissan is still optimistic that the increase in demand for the Altima will continue since the redesigned version offers more impressive features compared to the current model.

4.      Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado has also earned a significant increase in its sales in the month of March. Records have shown that the brand’s dealerships sold a total of 36,491 units of the Silverado and this is quite high compared to February’s sales figures. Unfortunately, the Silverado was the only Chevrolet model that was included on this month’s top ten best-selling car model list.

 5.      Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V emerged as the fifth best-selling car model in the month of March. Aside from that, the CR-V was also recognized as the best-selling crossover on the same month. This simply implies that Honda was quite successful in marketing this SUV despite the fact that most of the CR-V’s competitors are also subjected to major upgrades and improvements. Records have shown that there are about 30,868 units of the CR-V that were sold before the month of March has ended.

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