Lincoln Dominated the American Customer Satisfaction Index Survey

Lincoln has recently dominated the annual survey that was conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index or ACSI. The result of this survey reflects the degree of satisfaction that car owners obtain from their vehicle. Thus, getting the top spot could be considered as a great accomplishment for every car maker.

Based on the result of the current survey, Lincoln has received the score of 90 out of the 100-point index and this is equivalent to a rating of 90%. By garnering this score, Lincoln beat Cadillac, Toyota, and Lexus. These three car makers occupied the top spot of the previous year’s survey by garnering the top score.

The second and third spot of this year’s survey were also occupied by luxury carmakers. Lexus secured the second spot with the score of 89 while Buick came in at third with the score of 87. However, Buick was not alone on the third spot since Subaru has also obtained the score of 87. Thus, Subaru and Buick share the third spot of this year’s ACSI survey.

By sharing the third spot with Buick, Subaru was the only non-luxury car maker that was able to make it to the top and this particular trend has somehow broke down the luxury nameplate’s dominance on the ACSI survey. The other car makers who were able to make it to the top-ten list were BMW, Hyundai, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Mercedes Benz.

Based on this information, it is quite notable that only a few of the Japanese car makers emerged as leaders in the current list. This is probably because some of the Japanese car manufacturers especially Honda and Toyota were recently confronted with recall issues and this has reduced the degree of satisfaction that buyers obtain when they buy the vehicles produced by the two car makers that were mentioned earlier.

The results of the survey has also revealed that Chrysler has been catching up with other car makers included in the list and this is marked by the increase on the score that the car maker has obtained for the past two years. Unfortunately, such increase is not yet enough to raise Chrysler’s position. Chrysler and Dodge are still positioned in the bottom of the list and this signifies that both brands have obtained the worst scores for this year.

Aside from Chrysler and Dodge, Kia and Mazda are also located in the bottom of the list, hinting that the vehicles they sell failed to neither exceed nor meet the customer satisfaction average set by ACSI for the automotive industry.

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