Interior Space Comparison: SUVs vs. Wagons

Station wagons and SUVs are popular for the larger interior spaces that they possess. Due to this, both of these vehicle types are always subjected to comparison. In fact, most car experts and car finders state that SUVs are better compared to wagons when it comes to interior space. There also a lot of car experts who believe that wagons are more spacious compared to the SUV.

To shed light on this issue, this hub provides a brief discussion and comparison of the interior space that SUVs and wagons provide.

1.      2011 Toyota RAV4 vs. 2011 Kia Soul

Two of the most popular vehicle models in the market right now are the 2011 Toyota RAV4 SUV and the 2011 Kia Soul wagon. Both of these cars have their own unique features that they take pride of. However, they are usually subjected to comparison particularly in terms of the interior space that they provide.

The 2011 Toyota RAV4 at first glance is quite similar to the Kia Soul in terms of size. But there is actually a significant difference on their sizes when measured. The RAV4 is 71.5 inches wide while Soul is only 70.3 inches in width. In terms of height, the RAV4 is taller than the Soul. The Toyota SUV is also longer than the Kia wagon. Due to the difference in dimension, most car buyers would think that the RAV 4 offers more interior space compared to the Soul and they were correct.

The 2011 Toyota RAV4 has an estimated cargo capacity of 36.4 cubic feet when all the seats are in place while the 2011 Kia Soul could only offer an interior space of about 19.3 cubic feet. In addition to this, the RAV4 SUV’s maximum cargo capacity that was estimated to be around 73.0 cubic feet which is also very high compared to the Soul’s 52.4 cubic feet.

2.      2011 Chevrolet Equinox vs. 2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring

The 2011 Chevrolet Equinox and the 2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring are also subjected to frequent comparison particularly in terms of interior space. However, most of those who have conducted the comparison have proved that the Equinox has larger interior space compared to the Elantra Touring.

This conclusion is quite obvious since the Equinox is bigger compared to the Elantra Touring in terms of dimension. The Equinox is 72.5 inches wide, 66.3 inches in height, and 187.8 inches long. The Elantra Touring on the other hand is only 69.5 inches wide, 59.8 inches high, and the 176.2 inches long. Due to the difference in the overall length, width, and height, the 2011 Chevrolet Equinox offers larger interior space compared to the 2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring.


Based on these comparisons, it is clear that SUVs do have larger interior space compared to most station wagons. Due to this, it is advisable for car buyers to choose SUVs rather than wagons if they are after for larger interior space, ample legroom, and headroom. By doing this, they would be able to get the best out of the money that they pay for the vehicle or for the auto financing option that is used to finance the vehicle.


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