Important Details of the 2013 3 Series Sports Wagon Revealed

BMW has recently provided some of the most important details about the 2013 3 Series Sport Wagon lineup.  Based on the information provided by the company, the 2013 BMW 3 Series Sport Wagon will be arriving in the US in 2013 particularly in spring. This will also be sold as the base 328i version.

Although BMW refused to provide the details about the pricing, and standard or optional equipment that they would be offering on the 328i Sports Wagon, the company assured its potential customers that this set of information will be announced at a particular period before the vehicle’s actual selling date.

BMW’s announcement has also mentioned that the 2013 328i Sports Wagon will be powered by a N20 turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. This engine is mated to a standard 8-speed automatic transmission. An optional 8-speed sports automatic transmission which is equipped with paddle shifters that are mounted on the steering is also available but this is only limited to the models which is equipped with the M Sport and Sport Line package. The engine is also capable of producing a maximum power output of up to 240 horsepower and accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.0 hours.

The 2013 BMW 328i Sports Wagon will also be offered with a new power liftgate. This was the first time in the 3 Series’ history that a certain model in the lineup will be equipped with a liftgate but BMW has a lot of reasons why this particular component of the vehicle was mounted on the vehicle’s rear. This liftgate could be operated in two different ways. First off, the driver could easily operate this by pushing a specific button found inside the car or the one which is located near the key fob.

The power liftgate found on the 328i might also be operated by just placing a foot below the vehicle’s rear bumper. This is quite useful in instances where the driver’s hands are full. As soon as a foot is stick below the rear bumper, the lifgate automatically opens allowing the driver to load all of the stuffs in his or her hand.

BMW has also stressed out that the 3 series sports wagon will be available in 4 trim levels made up of the Luxury Line, Sport Line, Modern Line, and the M Sport Line.

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