How to protect your car against thieves

The car’s safety is not only focused on the safety devices installed on cars intended for accidents. This must also incorporate the practices performed and other equipments installed on the vehicle to prevent it from being stolen. There are many ways to defend your car from thieves that might strike and steal the things inside the car or the worst possibility that is stealing the entire vehicle. Some of the best ways to defend your car from thieves are written below.
Install car alarms
1. Install car alarms

Car alarms are one of the popular ways to protect the vehicle from thieves. There are alarms that give warning sounds when the vehicle is being accessed by someone without prior deactivation. The sounds are audible to catch the owner’s attention or from the individuals near the vehicle.
There is also an alarm that connected to the owner’s cell phone. Once this is activated, the alarm informs the owner that there are suspicious activities happening inside or near the car’s location through the phone. This allows the owner to check the vehicle’s condition.

2. Keep valuables from clear sight

Most of the car thieves usually look for valuable things inside the car such as laptops, iPods, and other important objects. They usually peek on the car’s windows. In order to prevent thieves from victimizing the car, make sure to keep all the valuables out of their site.

3. Lock your car

In order to keep the car safe, be sure to lock the windows and the steering wheels. You can also use an additional steering wheel lock available on most car accesorries shops. These are locks placed directly on the steering wheel that prevents it from being turned into a particular direction

4. Do not advertise

As much as possible, avoid placing stickers on the car that inform strangers of the way the car is protected. There are many thieves that are good in disabling car alarms when they have the idea how it works. Keeping information on the way your car is protected somehow deter lawless elements from stealing the vehicle.

5. Park the car properly

For added security, park your car in an area visible to parking attendants or security guards. It is better to park the car near the entrance for its visibility cause second thoughts on the part of thieves. This is because they would likely be caught easily in their attempt to drive the car away.

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