Car Care 2013 Tip 29:How to Install Your Car’s Oil Pump

An auto oil pump is a small but important device that pumps oil through the car’s engine while this is running.  In case the oil pump fail to function and the motor continues to run, this could damage the engine due to insufficient lubrication. Given its function, it is therefore important to inspect the car’s oil pump regularly and replace this when necessary.

In case you are planning to have a new oil pump installed into your car, try to do this on your own and earn extra savings by using the following steps.

auto oil pump

1. Prepare the materials you need

Before installing the new oil pump on your car, make sure to prepare all of the necessary materials that you will need. Try to prepare the following:

– Floor jack to elevate the car to allow you to do the job underneath the vehicle.

– Socket set ratchet to help you remove bolts and other locks

– New oil pump to replace the old one

-Oil and oil filter to replace the previous oil and filter used in the car

2. Place the car in an appropriate position

Park the car in an appropriate position such as on a flat surface or on a ramp to gain access to the underside area of the vehicle’s engine. When a ram is not available, raise the vehicle’s front portion using a floor jack. Remove the vehicle’s splash shield if it has one.

3. Drain the car’s motor oil

Place a container directly under the car’s oil pan. Loosen and remove the oil drain plug and allow the oil to pour out completely into the container. Remove the container out of your way and start removing the components that might prevent you from removing the oil pan.

4. Remove the oil pan

Remove the oil pan by detaching the bolts that are holding it in place with a socket and a ratchet. Pull the oil pan down and remove it completely from the engine. After this, locate the oil pump.  This is usually bolted on the engine, hanging down into the oil pan.

5. Remove the old oil pump and install the new one

Loosen and remove the bolts that hold the oil pump in place. After this, install the new oil pump just like the way the old one was attached. Re-install the oil pan and don’t forget to place a new gasket and a thin layer of gasket sealant on the lip of the oil pan.

Re-attach the oil drain plug tightly in place and replace all the parts you removed earlier. Replace a new oil filter and fill the engine with the exact amount of new oil. Lower the jack stands and start the car’s engine. Check for possible oil leaks.



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