How to find an Eco-Friendly car

Finding an Eco-Friendly car can be a daunting task to any consumer. Buyers, now more than ever are environmentally and monetarily more conscious than in years past. Whether the reason for your search is for a healthier environment or for combating the sky rocketing fuel costs, this article will be sure to guide you in the right direction.

There are two main types of vehicles that are classified as Eco-Friendly. That being said, there are also several different manufacturers starting to produce these types of vehicles. Ford, Nissan, GM and Toyota have been the front-runners in producing vehicles for an alternate way of driving. Below I will try to explain the two types of Eco-Friendly vehicles in production today. The first Eco-Friendly car is called the Plug-In Hybrid models. These vehicles are capable of being powered by gas,battery or both.  Many of these vehicles do not get overwhelming  mileage on battery power alone, but can greatly reduce the need to stop for fuel. The second is the Pure Battery Electric car. These vehicles, as the name suggests, runs solely on electricity and does not contain a gasoline motor. Below I will discuss some of the current vehicles on the market today in both categories.

One of the leaders in the Plug-In Hybrid category is Chevy. Chevrolet has designed the Chevy Volt, a vehicle that can get a very respectable 40 miles of driving on the battery alone and an astounding 500 miles per gas fill-up.  This vehicle is perfect for the Eco-Friendly consumer that is not yet willing to part with the almighty gasoline. Chevrolet is currently working on adding a bigger battery to their vehicles to get longer battery driving time.

The other leader in the Plug-In Hybrid is Toyota. The Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid looks just like a regular Prius, that is until you spot the port for charging the battery. This car gets only a 14 mile range on battery power, but gets a remarkable 50 miles per gallon while in hybrid mode. Toyota is planning on the release of a new SUV hybrid in 2012.

One of the leaders in the Pure Battery Electric cars is Nissan. Nissan has developed the Nissan Leaf, which has been receiving orders from individual consumers as well as many city and town public services. This vehicle gets an astonishing 100 miles per-charge. Nissan has been the first manufacturer to put more than 10,000 Pure Battery Electric vehicles on the road. The base price for a 2011 Nissan Leaf is somewhere around $32,000.

One of the up and coming manufacturers in Pure Battery Electric cars hopes to be Ford, with their Ford Focus Electric. Ford has produced the most Hybrid vehicles of any manufacturer and have done it well, but now want to try being the leader in the Pure Battery field. The Ford Focus Electric is another vehicle that runs solely on battery power and plans to compete toe to toe with the Nissan Leaf. The Focus Electric, like the Nissan Leaf also gets 100 miles per charge, but at a cheaper price tag of about $20,000. Ford also plans to make future models of the Focus available anyway the consumer wants it, Plug-In Hybrid, Hybrid, Pure Battery Electric or Fuel Efficient.

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