How to change your car’s air filter

Replacing the air filter of the car is one way of preserving its power and maintaining the vehicles good mileage performance. The frequency of the car’s air filter replacement depends on the area where it is used. Frequent replacement is recommended for car’s driven on dusty areas compared to location with lesser dust concentration. In order to keep the car’s engine in good running condition, the air filter must be changed regularly by following the procedures below.
Replacing the air filter
1. Prepare the materials neededGather everything that is needed for the job. Be sure to prepare a flat screwdriver and the new air filter to replace the old one. Park the car on a closed area with a larger space to allow greater mobility while doing the replacement.

2. Locate the air filter’s location

When the car is parked on the appropriate place, look for the air filter by opening the vehicles hood. The air filter is enclosed in a gray or black box about 12 inches long located at the center top or on the side of the vehicle’s engine.

3. Remove the old air filter

Start removing the old air filter by opening the box enclosing it. Remove the screws or clamps which secures the top of the housing. Remove the old filter and wipe the remaining dusts inside the housing using a clean piece of cloth. Make sure that all of the foreign particles are removed.

4. Install the new air filter

After cleaning the housing, install the new air filter the same way the old one was attached to it.  Replace the top cover of the housing and place the screws and clamps that were removed. Make sure all of these are fully tightened to keep the new oil filter in place. Check the filter’s condition from time to time in order to determine whether it needs to be replaced with a new one or not.

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