How a Turbo Works

If you want to drastically and quickly increase the speed of your vehicle accompanied by the roar of the engine, you should consider adding a turbo to the top of your engine.

How a Turbo Works

Helps Your Engine Breathe Better

A turbo works by sucking more air into your engine increasing your horsepower. The turbo itself is just a turbine and compressor. The turbine spins as your vehicle expels exhaust.

Many vehicles today come with a factory installed turbo. These so called “turbo-charged” engines have a turbo attached to the motor under your hood. If your vehicle has a factory in stalled turbo you need to keep careful watch on your engine performance as these devices have been known to fail. When a turbo does fail your engine performance will be greatly diminished.

It is a relatively easy thing for your repair shop or the dealership to determine if your factory installed turbo is working precisely as designed. If not the device may be repaired or replaced without much effort and with great impact on your vehicle.

Turbos Don’t Last Forever

No turbo lasts forever. If you have a factory installed turbo on your vehicle chances are you will have to replace it eventually. A turbo will definitely make your vehicle go faster, but it will also make your vehicle burn more fuel. The harder your engine works, the faster your vehicle travels and the more fuel you will burn. It is a simple equation.

A turbo is also an extremely expensive piece of equipment. If your vehicle came with one from the factory the cost was likely be included in the price of your new car purchase. If you want to add a turbo to your vehicle you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for the part and even more for the mechanic to add it on to your vehicle.

Turbo Causes Extra Wear on Your Other Parts

You should also know that adding a turbo to your motor will make your engine parts wear out faster. Once again, a simple equation is all you need to do. If your vehicle goes faster your engine works harder, burns more fuel and parts wear out faster.

Is It Worth It

Many people enjoy the roaring sound a turbo adds to their vehicle. They do not care about fuel economy they only want their vehicle to go faster and sound good doing it. A turbo can be a cool piece of equipment that will definitely speed up your ride and make it sound cool. But you need to do some math and figure out if the turbo is worth the extra cost of replacing your engine parts sooner and paying for more fuel consumed by your faster car.

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