Ford’s Unique Way of Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Ford Motor Company currently offers two unique ways of helping their existing and even the potential customers that were affected by the harsh effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Based on the contents included on a press release published last November 1, 2012, the US car maker has announced that the company will be offering a $500 Bonus Cash reward for buyers who were affected by the Hurricane Sandy in the event that they would be purchasing a new Lincoln or Ford vehicle.

This offer is valid to buyers who would be purchasing the vehicles sold by the company’s dealerships from October 30, 2012 to January 2, 2013.  However, these consumers would be required to present some proofs that they were impacted by the said disaster. Ford has also shared that the most appropriate form that the interested buyers of Ford or Lincoln vehicles who are interested in getting the $500 Bonus Cash would be presenting is the copy of the insurance claim that they have filed. The claim should also include the needed details regarding their property loss.

Given this offer, Ford Motor Company is quite optimistic that they would be able to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the event that these individuals would decide to purchase Ford or Lincoln vehicles. Since the $500 Bonus Cash is considered as a good amount for individuals who have lost a lot of their properties due to the storm, it is quite correct to conclude that this might also become a good strategy for the car maker to encourage buyers to purchase the vehicles that they are producing.

Aside from helping the potential buyers in purchasing the vehicle’s they need, Ford is also offering a special form of assistance to its consumers who purchased their vehicles through Ford Credit’s financing deals. According to the statement provided by Ford Credit, the company’s financing arm is offering the so-called “Disaster Relief Program.”

Under this program, the qualified customers will be permitted to incur one or two delayed monthly payments. By offering this scheme, the company’s customers are given the chance to improve their financial conditions first before they are obliged to pay their monthly premiums.

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