Ford Joins Relief Efforts for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Ford Motor Company has recently joined the relief efforts that are conducted to help the victims as well as everyone who are greatly affected by the disastrous effect of Hurricane Sandy which hit some parts of the US a few weeks ago.

Based on the information obtained from the US car maker, the company’s employees together with the Ford Motor Company Fund will be providing a total of $50,000 of donation to the American Red Cross as well as on its local chapters located in the areas that were hit by Hurricane Sandy. This donation is intended to help fund the disaster and relief operations conducted by American Red Cross in areas that were greatly affected by the natural calamity.

In lieu of this particular undertaking, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services president Jim Vella stressed out that Ford has fully realized that Hurricane Sandy has left a very devastating impact on several states and the need for assistance in any form continues to increase. Due to this realization, Ford has decided to renew its partnership with the American Red Cross and extend the help that the company could provide to the victims by funding the NGO’s relief efforts.

As a response to Ford’s assistance, Roger Lowe who is the current vice president of the American Red Cross’ Communications department stated that their organization deeply appreciates the help that was provided by the car maker since this will allow their personnel to respond to the needs of those that were directly and critically affected by the calamity immediately.

The American Red Cross through its disaster relief workers currently operates a number of operating shelters and conducts the needed feeding operations to alleviate the negative impacts that were caused by the hurricane to the identified victims. The agency is also organizing the distribution of clean-up supplies and other important stuffs directly on the areas that were greatly affected. 

Aside from that, the American Red Cross’ damage assessment teams are also assisting the appropriate agencies of the government in determining the total amount of damage that was caused by the hurricane. In addition to this, the organization’s mental health and health services workers are currently helping the affected individuals in coping with the negative effects of what they have experienced and seen during the calamity.

Ford and the American Red Cross have been working together as partners for more than 30 years now and the most recent calamity has only proved that such partnership still exist. 

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