February 2012’s Best-selling Car Models

The month of February of the current year has emerged as the period wherein some of the mid-size sedans in the market earned a significant increase in sales. This could mean that many car buyers prefer to purchase mid-size sedans over the other types of vehicles.

This observation is currently considered to be accurate since this is based on the major top ten sales charts all over the US. However, the mid-size sedans models were not able to fully dominate the sales charts since a number of SUVs and pickup trucks also obtained significant increase sales. In order to provide a clearer picture of the vehicle sales condition in the US in the previous month, a shortlist of the best-selling car models for the month of February is provided below.

1. Ford F-Series

Although most of the spots of the best-selling car models list for February 2012 are occupied by the mid-size sedans, the Ford F-Series which is composed of full-size pickup trucks from Ford still emerged as the most in demand vehicle. By the end of February, Ford dealerships that are scattered all over the US were able to sell about 47,273 units of pickup trucks. This simply means that majority of the car buyers are still attracted to the benefits and features provided by the Ford F-150 and its siblings.

2. Toyota Camry

The redesigned version of the Toyota Camry occupies the second spot of the February 2012 best-selling car models list with a total of 34,542 units sold. Although the Camry’s total sales as of February is more than 12,000 units lower than what the F-Series has obtained, the recorded sales figure still suggests that the Camry is still considered as one of the most popular mid-size sedan models in the US.

3. Nissan Altima

The third spot of the best-selling list for the month of February 2012 was claimed by Nissan’s lame-duck Altima. Statistics revealed that Nissan dealerships were able to deliver a total of 32,953 units of this mid-size all over the US and this impressive sales accomplishment was probably triggered by the Altima’s cheaper price and straightforward features.

4. Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet’s iconic full-size pickup truck which is the Silverado has achieved an impressive sales output for the past two months of 2012. Statistics revealed that the brand’s dealerships have successfully sold a total of 32,297 units of Silverado before the month of February ends and this figure has placed the model on the fourth spot of the best-selling list. Since the demand for this pickup continues to increase and the supply is quite stable, General Motors is quite confident that the Silverado will be able to claim the top spot before the year ends.

5. Honda Civic

The fifth spot of the best-selling list went to the Honda Civic. Honda has recorded that its dealerships were able to deliver a total of 27,087 units of the Civic. Although the total number of units delivered was lower compared to what the Camry and the Altima has obtained, Honda is still optimistic that the model’s total sales will continue to increase in the coming months and the company is also quite confident that the features of the current version of the Civic will continue to attract more buyers.


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