Electric and Gas-powered Car Buying Pros and Cons

Car buying can be considered as an exciting experience since having your own car these days has become a necessity and not just a mere luxury. Due to this, almost every car maker is have been doing their best to double their vehicle production and cater to the needs of the growing number of car finders. As the years go by, these vehicle manufacturers started exploring on the possibilities of producing cars with alternative power sources and these efforts has led to the discovery of hybrids as well as electric cars.

Due to these discoveries, the demand for the conventional gas-powered cars is currently challenged by new types of vehicles particularly by models that are powered by electric motors alone. As a result, a lot of new car finders are getting confused as to which of the two types of vehicles offers the best features. In order to help them, this hub provides some of the pros and cons of buying an electric car model as well as the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the gas-powered version.


Buying an Electric Car Pros

1.      Lesser harmful gas emissions

One of the advantages of buying an electric car is the vehicle’s lesser harmful gas emissions. Electric cars produce lower harmful gases since this type of vehicle does not use an engine that burn fossil fuels and release CO2 in the atmosphere.

Instead, an electric car is propelled by an electric motor that derives power from powerful batteries attached to the vehicle. The electric motor’s mechanism does not produce smoke and this makes electric cars more environment-friendly compared to the conventional cars powered by gasoline engines. The absence of the production of smoke is also the reason why electric cars don’t have tailpipes.

2.      Zero expenses on fuels

Buying an electric car is also advantageous because it allows its owner to enjoy zero expenses on fuel. This simply means that an electric car owner could actually earn a lot of savings since there is no need for him to buy fuel regularly so that the vehicle would run. Instead, he will just charge the car using a special charging unit that uses electricity until it is fully-charged.

Buying an Electric Car Cons

1.      Vehicle’s expensive price

Aside from the benefits, buying an electric car has few downsides and one of this is its expensive price. Since this type of vehicle is sold in higher prices, most buyers are not capable of coping with the vehicle’s price. The electric car’s expensive price eventually became the main reason why the demand for this type of vehicle has remained low.

2.      Higher maintenance costs

Buying an electric car also involves higher maintenance cost. This is because an electric car uses the most advance technologies and not all car service shops are capable of doing repairs on this type of vehicle. This means that the electric car should be taken to a specialized repair center just to obtain the needed servicing. In addition to this, the parts that are used as replacements are also expensive.

Buying a Gas-powered Car Pros

1.      Affordable price

The most significant advantage that buying a gas-powered car could provide is the chance of spending lesser amount of money. This is because conventional cars are more affordable compared to hybrids and EVs. Due to this, most buyers would prefer buying this type of car instead of purchasing the electric version.

2.      Lower maintenance costs

Buying a conventional gas-powered car is also advantageous since this is easy to maintain and the cost of preserving its impressive performance is cheaper. In the event that this type of car gets damaged or needs to be repaired, its owner could easily take this to professional mechanic for servicing. In addition to this, the vehicle owner would only spend smaller amounts of money for parts replacement.

3.      Abundance of better auto financing deals

Another advantage that buying a gas-powered car provides is the abundance of auto financing deals offered by car dealerships and lenders to those who want to finance this type of vehicle. Due to this, it is easier to finance a gas-powered car compared to the electric version.

Buying a Gas-powered Car Cons

1.      Higher gas emissions

Gas-powered cars depend on fuels for power. The engines installed in these cars are burning the fuel to propel the vehicle. As a result, these cars emit gases that are considered as harmful to the environment. Due to this, these vehicles are viewed as environmental hazards and this image became the reason why a lot of buyers would hesitate to buy these cars.

2.      Higher fuel expenses

Another disadvantage derived from buying gas-powered cars is higher fuel expenses. Although it is quite natural for this type of car to use fuel, the continuous increase on the prices of gasoline and diesel has made the owner’s annual fuel expenses higher. Due to this, a lot of buyers are currently considering the idea of buying electric cars.


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