Chevy’s Super Bowl Ad Entitled “Misunderstanding” Reveals a New Reality

Chevrolet has promoted one of its latest car models in America’s most popular football event which is the Super Bowl XLV. Chevy took part in the Big Game’s car ad campaign revealing its latest Chevrolet Cruze Eco. This particular car model was created to provide car buyers with better fuel efficiency. Given this, the Chevy Cruze Eco could be a good option for car buyers who are looking for a vehicle with lesser fuel consumption. In addition to this, the Cruze Eco could also be a good solution for the continuous increase in prices of oil worldwide.

The commercial entitled “Misunderstanding” has drawn some attention from selected Super Bowl spectators. The ad used a very simple theme that provided the opportunity for Chevy to reveal what the new Cruze version has to offer. The video for the commercial was taken from a facility for the elderly. The scene revolves around a group of older individuals who are enjoying their free time watching television. They were able to see the newest commercial from Chevy on the television and that was where the misunderstanding started. Due to old age, the elderly viewers obtained different understandings about the ad that they have seen on the television and this created a partial argument among them.

The argument led the attendant to explain to the elderly viewers what the ad was talking about. In this particular scene, the “Misunderstanding” commercial’s central message was highlighted. The attendant mentioned the ad’s message stating that the 2011 Chevy Cruze Eco has an estimated fuel consumption of 42 miles per gallon. This unique feature of the Chevy Cruze Eco caught the attention of some of the Super Bowl’s audience since this was one of the rarest occasions where a Chevrolet-made car has reached the most improved fuel-economy feature.

Due to this ad, the demand for the Chevy Cruze Eco might possibly increase since more and more car buyers are looking for cars with minimal fuel utility so as to earn more savings and contribute in the greater effort to clean the environment.

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