Chevy’s “Status” Ad Goes Romantic

One of Chevrolet’s Super Bowl ads takes a different approach to encourage potential car buyers to buy their Chevy Cruze cars. This time, Chevy used a romantic concept to highlight one of this model’s newest features. The advertisers who created the ad utilized a very useful and striking concept.  Although not all of the Big Game audience has taken a full grasp and intense appreciation of what the commercial entitled “Status” tries to convey, this has somehow made an appeal to those that are in need of the special feature that the new Chevy Cruze offers.

Chevy Cruze Status ad

The ad has revealed that the newest version of the Cruze allows the owner to access some applications on the internet. The video for the commercial has just presented the capability of the car driver to browse his Facebook news feed while driving the car. Although the ad wasn’t able to show other applications that could be accessed through the special feature of the car, this might eventually attract potential car buyers to prioritize the Cruze over other car makes and models. Given this, it is quite rational to assume that this particular vehicle capability would cause an increase in sales of the Chevy Cruze for this year.

Chevy can now take pride of the improvements that they have incorporated for the Cruze and increase the chance of boosting the demands for this model. This is because more and more car buyers are not only looking for fuel-efficient cars but they are also looking for vehicles that could suit their busy lifestyles. In this particular case, Chevy was somehow successful in providing its potential consumers with the real meaning of satisfaction. Besides the impressive fuel consumption, and the classy appearance, the Cruze will now start establishing its image as one of the most sought about vehicle on the road.

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