Chevrolet Spark: July’s Fastest-Selling Car Model

The Chevrolet Spark was recently dubbed as the fastest-selling car in the US for the month of July. This observation was actually based on the so-called days-to-turn or the number of days that the vehicle stays inside the dealerships’ lots before it gets sold.

The recently-launched Chevrolet Spark was recognized as the fastest-selling model for July since it only most dealerships an average of 4 days to sell this model. The Spark has beaten the previous month’s fastest selling car model which is the Cadillac XTS. The Cadillac XTS is currently dropped to the 5th spot with 14 days-to-turn.

Although the Chevrolet Spark might lost its current lead over the other car models with its record of 4 days-to-turn, this model is already considered as a record breaker since Chevrolet dealerships have sold about 1,460 units of Spark by the end of July for a period of less than a month. This figure is far better compared to the 1,271 units of Toyota Yaris that were sold in the same period knowing that the Spark is only available in the 18 key markets all over the US.

Given this trend, General Motors is quite optimistic that the demand for the Chevrolet Spark would continue to increase. The Spark is actually built ion South Korea and marketed in almost every automobile market in the world including China. ¬†General Motors has just decided to sell the Spark last July and the car maker didn’t expect that the vehicle would earn such an impressive demand. Due to its impressive sales output in the US, General Motors will be romping up the production of the Spark so as to make sure that the supply of this model will be enough to meet the growing demand.

The Chevrolet Spark has been a top option for most American car buyers since it offers a lot of user-friendly features and excellent fuel economy. This vehicle is powered by a 1.2-liter 4-cylinder engine which is capable of producing the maximum power output of up to 85 horsepower and 82 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine is mated to a standard 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-speed automatic transmission is offered as an option.

Aside from its fuel-efficient features, the Chevrolet Spark remains as an attractive vehicle for a lot of car buyers in the US especially those who belong to the group which is dubbed as young urbanites due to its size. Since the vehicle is small, this could easily traverse the city’s busy streets and parked at tighter parking spaces.


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