Car Models that Might Not be Available for 2013

Most car makers are currently rolling the 2013 vehicle lineups that they intend to sell in the US automobile. Due to this, the automobile market will surely be flooded with a lot of new car models that claim to provide the diverse needs of the growing number of car buyers. However, the abundance of new car models in the market will most likely overshadow the mere fact that most car makers have already decided to halt the production of some of the popular nameplates were sold in the  previous years. As a result many car buyers will no longer be able to purchase the 2013 versions of any of the following models.

1.     Hyundai Elantra Touring

Hyundai has finally decided not to continue the production of the Elantra Touring which is classified as a small wagon or a hatchback. This is because the demand for this model has gradually whined out a few years after its first appearance in the US automobile market. In addition to this, the influx of more sophisticated and well-equipped SUV models in the market has also triggered the end of the Elantra Touring’s existence.

To replace the spot that was vacated by the Elantra Touring, Hyundai has introduced the Elantra GT which is considered as a more attractive and capable 5-door hatchback.

2.     Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona has been a popular choice by a lot of minivan buyers since the vehicle hit the market. Unfortunately, Kia has failed to implement the needed upgrades on the Sedona as the nameplate goes old. As a result, most of its closest competitors have outclassed Kia’s only minivan model in the US automobile market. Although the Sedona looked outdated and lacks the features that most of its modern rivals provide, this minivan has remained a popular option until the day Kia pulled the plug that sustains the vehicle’s existence.

Kia is currently planning to replace the Sedona with a worthy replacement but as of this time, the Korean car maker has failed to provide the public with the possible models that will take-over the spot that the Sedona has vacated.

3.     Jeep Liberty

The Jeep Liberty is always regarded as the victim of the cross-cutting policy that Daimler, Chrysler’s former mother company has implemented on some of the vehicles produced by the brands under its control. The Liberty was first introduced in the market as boxy vehicle that looks like the Cherokee but lacks the needed positive attributes to stir its individual sales output. Due to its disappointing sales performance for almost 4 years, Chrysler decided to discontinue the production of the Liberty in exchange for a new SUV model which is based on the platform used by another Alfa Romeo car.


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