Car Models that Badly Need a Redesign

Most car models are blessed with the best interior and exterior designs. Aside from that these models are also loaded with the best features that car makers could offer. But as time goes by, these features and design become outdated. Due to this, car makers are prompted to implement the needed upgrades to each of the car models that they are selling to allow these to cope with what the existing market trend needs. However, not all of the car models that are in need of a major or minor redesign are subjected to the needed upgrades. Thus, majority of these models are lagging behind their closest competitors most especially in terms of sales. In case you are wondering what these models are, this article provides some of the most popular and these are the following.

1.      Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado is usually considered as one of the most outdated pickup truck models in its segment. This is because the Silverado’s last major upgrade happened before it was reintroduced into the market in 2006. After that major makeover, General Motors has only implemented a few minor improvements such as the change in its engine and the other features of the vehicle. Due to the lack of major revisions made on its exterior design, the Silverado became less attractive compared to some of its closest rivals. Although General Motors is planning to release the next-generation versions of the Silverado, almost everything still remains uncertain except for the use of a more fuel-efficient and powerful V-6 engine.

2.      Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is considered as one of the best-selling car nameplates in the world and also in the US. However, the Corolla is also regarded as an existing car model which is in need of a major redesign. When viewed outside, the Corolla still looks like the way it was a few years ago. In addition to this, the Corolla’s exterior is also not impressive compared to those of the other models in the segment. Due to this, the demand for the Corolla has gradually decreased and the model is no longer considered as the best option for sedan buyers.

Given these facts, it is quite appropriate for Toyota to subject the Corolla to a major redesign that would change its exterior and interior features. Toyota might also consider using a more attractive design for the Corolla in order to revive the glory that this model has previously earned.

3.      Mazda3

The Mazda3 just like the Corolla and the Silverado has also lost its former glory. Its exterior and interior appearance that was previously considered by a lot of buyers as very attractive has eventually become outdated given that a lot of car makers have introduced newer and more fashionable models in the segment where the Mazda3 belongs. As a result, the vehicle’s popularity has diminished and while newcomers are starting to emerge as the class leaders. Due to this, Mazda should provide the Mazda3 with the needed makeover before the vehicle would totally lose its place in the US and the other automobile markets where this is sold.

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