Buying Your First Car

Passing your driver’s test and getting your vehicle license was only the first step. Now it is time to buy your first car.

If you are like most people you will want to find a new car which is sturdy and reliable. You might also need a vehicle which is reasonably priced. This stands to reason since it is only your first car and not many long time drivers still own their first car.

Buying Your First Car

Focus on Reliability

Finding the perfect vehicle for the first time driver can be tricky. Try to focus on reliability first and sporty looks somewhere at the bottom of the list.

The first car needs to be reliable because first time drivers are more likely to be unfamiliar with automotive systems. A car which breaks down constantly is frustrating and expensive.

Start Online

Start your search for a first car online. Visit consumer reporting agencies and search specifically for vehicles for first time drivers. Read the forums and recommendations from actual first time drivers and see what worked for them and what didn’t. Everyone was a first time car buyer at one point or another. It happens to everyone, and they are very likely to share their experience with others online.

Once you think you have identified the make and model that will serve your purposes you can start searching. There are many vehicle sales sites online. Most of them offer photos or even videos of the cars they have for sale. Don’t waste your time with a vehicle you cannot see a photo of. The photo should be displayed with the ad. If it isn’t for any reason, just move on. There are plenty of other vehicles to choose from.

Don’t Get Ripped Off

Because you are a first time car buyer you stand a good chance of being ripped off by unscrupulous sellers. If you have someone who can go with you to check out a potential vehicle before you buy it, bring them. They might save you from making a costly mistake.
You should ask the seller for all vehicle documentation including their title of ownership and proof of any recent repairs.

Don’t Just Take Their Word – Get Proof

If they said the transmission was recently replaced they should have the receipt or at least be able to point you to the repair shop which did the work so you can confirm the work was done. You should also ask to take the car to your own service person for a full inspection before buying.

As a new buyer it is up to you to protect yourself in the marketplace. Do your research. Research, research, research. Be a knowledgeable buyer and it will be much more difficult for someone to take advantage of you.

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