BMW’s “Changes” Commercial Calls for Environmental Awareness

The BMW’s commercial that was aired at the Super Bowl XLV became one of the most meaningful and attractive ad that caught the audience’s attention. BMW’s ad dubbed as “Changes” focused on diesel powered vehicles. Its concept tries to prove that a diesel-powered car can actually be transformed into a more advanced vehicle with reduced gas emissions. This concept tends to be very important since most car buyers right now are hesitant in purchasing diesel-powered cars due to issue of gas emission. With this ad, BMW might be able to change the way car buyers would look at cars powered by diesel fuel.

BMW’s superbowl ad

What makes the ad more attractive were the images which showed how the age old vehicles powered by diesel engines wreak havoc and endanger the environment by emitting dark cloudy smoke from their exhaust pipes. In addition to this, the images also showed how pedestrians could possibly inhale these harmful gases. The ad had successfully projected the hazards that were posed by diesel-powered vehicles. Besides these, the commercial also presented the common criticism thrown against diesel vehicles which is its vulnerability to possible breakdowns and unsatisfactory engine performance. There were also images on the ad which showed the diesel vehicle’s lack of speed.

The first part of the commercial created a good scenario for the entrance of the BMW car that was used on the video. Amidst the dark cloudy smoke, the BMW car has emerged with roaring sounds brought about by its powerful-diesel engine. In addition to this, the smoke emission of the BMW car was also reduced to the lowest level. As a matter of fact, the smoke is almost invisible when the camera focused the car’s tailpipe. Its running performance was also highlighted since the BMC diesel car was running at a relatively high speed.

Given all of these, the “Changes” ad would somehow change the image of diesel cars in the eyes of most car buyers. Through this, BMW might eventually sell more of its diesel cars in America and this is the most ideal outcome that every car makers want to achieve.

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