Automated Features That Ford Motor Company is Developing

Ford has recently announced some of the features that the company is developing for their upcoming vehicle models. The company has also stressed out that one these features would be the hands-free feature for perpendicular parking. Aside from that, they are also developing the so-called “Traffic Jam Assist.” Although Ford has not yet revealed the first models that will be equipped by these features, a lot of car experts are now convinced that these would further enhance the driving experience that the vehicles produced by Ford would provide to their owners.

Based on the statement provided by Ford, the upcoming features mentioned earlier were basically designed to decrease the amount of stress experienced by drivers when driving as well as reduce gridlock. Ford might have realized the amount of stress that the drivers are experiencing when they are parking their vehicles in a perpendicular position and this has eventually become the main reason that pushed them to develop the automated parking feature as well as the Traffic Jam Assist.

According to the announcement made by Ford, the automated perpendicular parking feature will be using a number of sensors on the vehicle’s rear to monitor any obstruction which is not seen by the driver while the car is backing on a parking spot. Due to this, the driver is no longer required to turn around and check if there are any obstructions that the vehicle might hit on its rear while the maneuver is being done. The system will also instruct the driver to shift the car to Reverse and Drive when needed. As soon as the vehicle is perfectly positioned, the system will provide the driver with the signal that the maneuver is completed.

Although this, technology sounds impressive, many car experts believe that these will not totally amuse a lot of car buyers since the automated perpendicular parking function has already showed up a couple of years ago in some models such as the Toyota Prius and the Lexus 460. However, knowing the fact that this would be available on a number of Ford vehicles would somehow boost the company’s sales.

Finally, Ford has also hinted that the Traffic Jam Assist would be using cameras and radar to help some of the company’s vehicles that will be equipped with this feature to keep pace with the other cars in heavy traffic conditions. This technology allows the system to assist the driver in handling the traffic condition by providing automated control on steering.

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