5 Useful Ways to Determine and Avoid Auto Insurance Abuses and Frauds

Cases of auto insurance frauds and abuses are in constant rise. This is because most car insurance companies would use tricks and tactics that could increase the payments involved in a car insurance policy. In order to avoid this, car owners should determine the ways on how to avoid this.

Avoid Auto Insurance Abuses and Frauds

Based on the latest survey conducted by RBC Insurance, 87% of the drivers in Ontario, Canada believe that the amount paid for insurance premiums increase due to frauds and false claims. Given this situation, a car owner actually pays higher premiums in case the insurance company pays for a fraudulent claim. In order to avoid this, RBC has provided five important tips to help Canadian drivers to protect themselves from getting victimized by these fraudulent claims in the event that they are involved in an accident and these are the following:

  1. Right after the accident, make sure to call your insurance provider as soon as possible. Most car insurance companies such as RBC Insurance would help you manage the things on the scene of the accident. They usually do this by talking to the driver and arranging a tow truck to tow the vehicle after an accident. These insurers would also send your vehicle to a body repair shop directly connected to them. In addition to this, the company would also handle the arrangement for a rental car and they would even contact your family or friends if the situation needs it.
  2. Try to know the preferred body repair shops of your insurer. RBC Insurance for example has agreements with their preferred repair shops that provide guaranteed repairs and make sure that necessary procedures are conducted to protect your privacy.
  3. Beware of tow trucks that are known as “chasers”. They usually appear on the scene of the accident and tow your vehicle to their preferred body repair shops. These towing services might cause you to spend more on the towing and other repair services. In addition to this, the services offered by these body repair shops are not guaranteed compared to the services provided by the body repair shops connected to the insurance company.
  4. In case you got injured in the accident and received medical treatment, make sure to keep an organized record of your doctor’s name, the location, and the treatments received. You need to compare this with the statements from the insurance company in order to make sure that the bills involved are accurate.
  5. Read the documents provided by the tow truck driver, health care provider, or a personal injury lawyer carefully before signing them. Try to understand the things written on it. You also need to bear in mind that you must not to sign any blank insurance claim form given to you.

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