4 Things You Need to Know About Nissan Car Finance

The Nissan car finance is a financing option when you buy a Nissan vehicle.  This financing package is applicable to brand new and pre-owned Nissan vehicles. In order to take advantage of this financing deal, car buyers should read the things below.

Nissan Car Finance

1. What is the Nissan Motor Acceptance Center?

The Nissan Motor Acceptance Center is a financing arm of Nissan Motors. It helps consumers get the vehicle they want through financing. The NMAC is similar to a lending institution such as a bank or a credit union. The only difference is that the NMAC financing is exclusive to Nissan cars and trucks.

NMAC offers three kinds of financing services such as the SignaturePURCHASE, SignatureLEASE, and the SignatureDIRECTPAY.

2. Nissan Original SignaturePURCHASE

The SignaturePURCHASE helps you buy a brand-new and pre-owned Nissan vehicle. This offers competitive interest rates and quick credit responses. The financing terms are from 12-72 months. The SignaturePURCHASE is also available for pre-owned cars below six years old.

3. Nissan original SignatureLEASE Option

The SignatureLEASE offers a better lease option compared to average lease programs. The lease term is from 24 to 60 months. The 12 month term is also available upon buyer’s request.

The SignatureLEASE also allows you to change car every year. You only need to request for a 12 month term to do this. By the time your lease period ends you can exchange your old Nissan vehicle for a new one with a new term of lease.

The SignatureLEASE gives you lower monthly payments and tax benefits when you are using the car for business purposes. It has an excellent end-of-lease option. When the lease term ends, you can either buy the car or lease another vehicle.

4. Nissan Original SignatureDIRECTPAY Option

This NMAC service allows its customers to pay their monthly payments for a loan or lease without going to the company’s payment center. This option automatically withdraws the amount needed to pay the monthly payments from your bank account. This service is free, secured, and ensures on time payments.


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