2015 Cadillac Teaser Released Ahead of the Actual Unveiling Date

In the midst of a lot of incoming information regarding the arrival of a new version in the market and a tentative date wherein the new vehicle will be unveiled, Cadillac has recently released a teaser of a vehicle that most car experts expect as the 2015 version of the Escalade.

Based on the information provided by those who were able to see the teaser when this was released, Cadillac issued two images of the much-anticipated 2015 Escalade. The first image clearly shows the vehicle’s new headlight while the other tends to reveal its new badge. Due to the image that shows the design of the vehicle’s new headlight, many car experts were convinced that the upcoming version of the Cadillac will still stick to its bold look. The image of the new badge on the other hand made the experts believe that Cadillac will most likely be setting a number of upgrades on the vehicle to make this more attractive to buyers.

But aside from the images that were released by Cadillac, there are also a number of videos that were posted on YouTube. One of the videos runs for about 12 seconds and this basically shows a part of the car which is presented in clay form.┬áThe second video that was posted on YouTube is centered on the vehicle’s light and the images that were shown were quite enough to provide the public with a quick glimpse of the possible lighting layout that the upcoming version of the Escalade would be using. The third video on the other hand somehow revealed that the Escalades upholstery was being made by hand. Due to such image, many car experts believe that the upcoming Escalade will come with hand-stitched upholstery and they consider this as significant aspect of the vehicle that could make it more upmarket.

Finally, Cadillac has also hinted that the upcoming version of the Escalade will come as a lighter and more fuel efficient version of the model that it will be replacing. The brand has also somehow confirmed that the vehicle will go on sale in the earlier parts of the spring and this will be unveiled on October 7 of the current year.

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