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Proven used car buying tips are hard to come by. Yes, there are hundreds websites that provide tips on buying a used car, however, they are not always applicable to most used car shoppers. Car Finder is dedicated to supplying solid information that visitors will find the most useful so we have honed down a laundry list into the best used car buying tips. The most neglected of all buy used car tips is doing your homework. Let's face it; it takes some time and effort to properly prepare yourself to purchase a used vehicle. There simply is no quick way around this so if you want to get a good deal on a used car, understand that you must do your homework.

Shop around. Go to's used car finder and get a good idea of the make and model you want along with how much it will cost. Next, if you do not already know your credit score, you need to find that out along with your credit history. Once you have this information you can begin to shop around on the web for companies that finance cars. Once you get some quotes on auto financing you are better armed to begin your used car shopping. All these tips on buying a used car are important to do before you go for a test drive.

Once you are at the dealership you need to focus on the final dollar amount you can afford to pay for the vehicle, not the monthly payment. There are many used car buying tips, but it is essential to focus on final price because the salesperson will often make it seem like you can afford a car when you actually cannot afford it by focusing on the monthly payments. If you fall into this trap, all the other best tips on buying a used car will not prevent you from paying a lot more for this car. When the financing contract goes from 3 years to 5 years in order to fit the monthly budget you can afford the interest payments will mount and make your final price much more expensive.

Acquiring a vehicle history report is another essential of all the used car buying tips. A detailed vehicle history report will provide you with important information on what has happened to that particular car. For example, you might discover that at one time it was a rental vehicle, or even find out that it was stolen or junked. Tips on buying a used car do not get more important than this because knowing what the car has been through will color your opinion of that particular car. Even if the vehicle history report is clean you should not simply believe that the car is pristine. If you are truly interested in the vehicle you will need to take it to a trusted mechanic so they can provide another layer of defense against purchasing a bad used car.

Understanding which tips on buying a used car are most important can make your used car buying experience much simpler. The aforementioned used car buying tips are the best of the best and will help you make the correct used car buying decision.

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