Smart Car FAQs

Question: What are the results of the smart car crash test?
Answer: The smart car crash test results were a 4-start crash rating in the U.S.--impressive for its class.

Question: Smart cars and roads--do smart cars perform well in severe weather?
Answer: The smart cars and roads do mix. Its safety systems are state-of-the-art and allow for superior performance in harsh weather conditions such as snow.

Question: What is in the smart car annual report?
Answer: Smart car is part of the Mercedes Car Group. To find specific information for a smart car annual report look for it under the Mercedes Car Group financials.

Question: Is there a smart car diesel availability?
Answer: Currently, there is not a version a smart car diesel available in the U.S., but new engine types will be released in the coming years.

Question: What the specifications and details of the smart car engine?
Answer: The smart car engine is a 3-cylinder, 1-liter gas engine.

Question: How good is the smart car performance?
Answer: The smart car performance is solid and is directly linked to its Electronic Stability Program. In addition to that the smart car performance is enhanced by its superior traction control, excellent brake control around corners, and special electronic brake distribution system.

Question: What is the smart car mpg?
Answer: According to the revised 2008 data and standards the smart car mileage is 33 MPG in the city and 41 highway. (old 2007 standards: 40 city/45 highway mpg)

Question: How much does a smart car cost?
Answer: How much does a smart car cost? Good question. Simply visit Smart Car Finder to find out all the pricing details.

Question: What is the smart car price structure?
Answer: The smart car price structure can be found at Smart Car Finder

Question: What are the smart car specifications?
Answer: The smart car specifications in the United States are:

  • 8.8' long
  • 5.1' tall
  • 5.1' wide

Question: Are there smart car reviews available?
Answer: There is plenty of smart car reviews on the web for the foreign versions of the car. However, you should visit Smart Car Finder for domestic smart car reviews once it becomes available in the U.S.

Question: Could you describe the smart car wheels and tires?
Answer: The smart car wheels provide excellent traction because they are wider than normal and provide superior grip in all types of weather conditions. Moreover, all smart cars come with all-season tires.

Question: How can I find out where to buy a smart car?
Answer: By the end of January U.S. smart car dealership locations will be announced. Visit Smart Car Finder for the latest information on where to buy a smart car.

Question: Is there an electric smart car available?
Answer: Once the gasoline version of the smart car is released in the U.S. the electric smart car is reportedly not far behind.

Question: Smart auto warranty for the smart car?
Answer: The Smart auto warranty for smart cars can differ from country to country. Visit Smart Car Finder for the latest information on the smart auto warranty.

Question: I want to see pictures of the smart car that will be available in the U.S. Where can I view smart car pictures?
Answer: Visit Smart Car Finder to view smart car pictures.

Question: Can you explain the smart car micro hybrid drive?
Answer: The smart car micro hybrid drive saves fuel via its stop-start system. The system stops the engine when idling and then restarts it when necessary.

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