Top 10 Tips for Buying a Car

These Top 10 Tips for Buying a Car are by no means an exhaustive list, but they do provide you some excellent tips for buying cars. Many car buyers do not like the process of purchasing a vehicle so they are in need of good tips for buying cars. Since focuses on car buying we are presenting the Top 10 Tips for Buying a Car.

1. In the Top 10 Tips for Buying a Car, the most important tip is to do your homework!
When you walk into a dealership ready to buy a car you better have done your homework, otherwise the salesperson will take advantage of you right from the start. These people are professionals and they know all the tricks of the trade. You cannot afford to forget Tip #1 of the Top 10 Tips for Buying a Car--so don't!

2. Bargain on the final price, not monthly payments
When considering tips for buying cars, it is essential to remember #2. One trick car salespeople will attempt is to pin you down on a monthly payment amount that you can afford. Once you have revealed a monthly payment you can afford they will work that payment to your ultimate disadvantage in order to get you into that car that day.

3. Shop around for the best car deal you can get
Use's new and used car finders to begin to limit the number of cars you have serious interest in. Once you have it down to a reasonable amount then you can take the time to go to a dealership and test drive.

4. Include insurance costs in your final budget
When it comes to tips for buying cars consumers most often forget to consider the insurance costs that will go with their vehicle of choice. This cost should be added into your budget just like the final cost of the car.

5. Shop around for financing
Some consumers believe that you have to finance the vehicle from the dealership you buy it from. That is not the case. Get quotes from auto financing companies and then have the dealership try to beat those quotes.

6. Don't be embarrassed to walk away
Some people have no problem simply walking out of a dealership in the middle of a negotiation while others feel squeamish. Be polite, but if they do not take "no" for an answer then walk out.

7. If buying a used car, get a vehicle history report
Many online companies can provide important vehicle history that is invaluable when deciding to buy a used vehicle. The dealership will often provide it for free, if they do not, then ask for one or purchase one yourself.

8. Stick to your budget
This is a corollary to Tip #2 of the Top 10 Tips for Buying a Car. Do not get talked into a final price you cannot afford.

9. Don't pay for extras
Just like any business car dealerships make a lot of cash off pushing extras that you do not need. Do not be talked into these.

10. If trading in, negotiate the amount for your trade in first and then determine the new car final price
This is another corollary to Tip #2 of the Top 10 Tips for Buying a Car. Salespeople will negotiate the trade in and the new purchase into one transaction to make the entire transaction fit your monthly payment requirement. This will not work out in your favor.

There are scores of tips for buying cars available, but if you focus on these top 10 tips for buying a car you will have a much more satisfying car buying experience.

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