What's the Best New Car for Me?

The Top 3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine The Best New Car For You

Lately you might be asking yourself, "What's the best new car for me?" Well, the best new car for you can differ depending on a wide variety criteria. To whittle down all the factors can be a complicated task so we have simplified it. The following are the top 3 questions you need to ask yourself to determine the best new car for you.

Question 1: Is the vehicle I want affordable?

Some might think this is an easy question, but few car buyers really consider everything that goes into the overall cost of car. One thing to consider is how you determine the cost of the vehicle. Once you walk into the car dealership the salesperson will do anything to get you into a car, no matter if you can really afford it or not. For example, they might ask you how much you want to spend in monthly payments on your new car. This is a fine question, but you determine on the final price you can afford to spend, not the monthly payments. So instead of having a reasonable car loan term of three years the salesperson will extend a car loan out to 4 or 5, and maybe even six years in order to meet your target monthly payment. By doing this the final amount of interest you pay on a vehicle soars. So when asking the question, "What's the best new car for me?" the final price, not the monthly price, is what matters most.

Don't forget insurance costs. You want a sports car, but the insurance costs on a sports car will dwarf the insurance costs for less sporty vehicle. So you might be able to afford the price of a sports car, but does the insurance bill fit into your budget as well?

Gas and maintenance costs are important to consider as well. If you want a Hummer, however, that might soak up so much gas that you will be spending a lot of extra time and money at the pump. Moreover, replacement parts for that Hummer might not be so easy to find or they might cost a lot more than other vehicles.

It is important to remember that the affordability of a vehicle does not end with the sticker price and is essential to answer the question, "What's the best new car for me?"

Question 2: Does the vehicle provide the necessary function I want and need?

When it comes to determining the best new car for you function must be considered. Function is not a sexy concept so many car buyers don't immediately think about how a vehicle fits their lifestyle. Consider this: if you have 4 kids the best car for you is probably not a 2-seat sports car. Similarly, a 25-year old single man with no children probably does not need a minivan. So think about what your new vehicle will be used for, and match those functions with a vehicle that possesses those necessary capabilities.

Question 3: Does the vehicle have the style and performance that best represents who I am?

Everyone wants to be seen as an individual, and many see their car as an extension of themselves. So after you have determined the affordability of the car you want, and see that it provides the functionality you need, you can allow yourself to be more superficial. Let's say you can afford an SUV and it answers Question 1 and 2, but at the same time you are an environmentalist. That SUV might come in a hybrid version which can improve your fuel economy 25-50%. Oftentimes that hybrid SUV will still provide you with the style and performance you want while still allowing you to express your "greener" side.

Decide: What's the Best New Car for Me?

Now when you ask yourself, "What's the best new car for me?" you will have a game plan to put into practice in order to to determine the best new car for you.

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